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Social Responsible Compliance Production System

Accredium gives Overall Certify and Social Capable Consistence Creation Framework Execution administrations in India through counseling, usage and accreditation program predominantly centers around the attire, footwear and sewn items areas.

We Help associations to build up a social consistence the executives framework especially for clothes industry which depend on commonly acknowledged global work environment principles, nearby laws and working environment guidelines which incorporate HR the board, wellbeing and wellbeing, natural practices, and lawful consistence including import/fare and customs consistence and security norms:

  • Compliance with Laws and Work environment Guidelines
  • Freedom of Affiliation and Aggregate Haggling
  • Prohibition of Badgering or Misuse
  • Prohibition of Separation
  • Prohibition of Constrained Work
  • Prohibition of Youngster Work
  • Compensation and Advantages
  • Hours of Work
  • Health and Security
  • Customs Consistence
  • Environment
  • Security

The program objective will be autonomously checked and confirmed for consistence with these socially capable worldwide principles for assembling and guarantee that fabricated items are delivered under legal, sympathetic and moral conditions.